Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finn and the Flat Box

It's early on a stayhome morning and the Curls have been awake for a long time, sitting on the getoffthecouch staring at the flatbox (the one that sometimes has a doorbell or a dog in it, which is exciting, but usually just makes noise - the humans stare at it, though). They say things like "goal!" and "yes! He's on my team!"
I thought they were going to get up and take us for a walk, when one of them said "Hey, the Arsenal game's on!" They sat back down, and even though they pet us, they're distracted.  Rolydog and I have tried looking cute, putting our heads on the table, or a knee, or even on the lapfingertap box.  We even sat with our noses pointed at the glassdoor.  When they yell "Oh, Van Persie, so close!" we think they need our help to cheer them up, but they still sit.  We could make they feel better; besides, if they don't take us out soon, water will start to fall from the sky!

Wait - late breaking news - they yell "hooray Van Persie! Happy 91st Birthday Opa Wim!" I know that an Opa is a grandfather, cause that's what they call Uncle George

Curls are happy, but still no walk
Finn, wishingiwasonpatrol

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finn and the Weather Report

It's been cold around here, but nothing has fallen from the sky until today. In fact I was hoping this was one of those places where there wasn't EVER anything falling from the sky.  Rolydog and I like to keep our feet dry, but today there was water falling, and it got the grass all wet.  Water belongs in a bowl, in our opinion.  There is one nice thing: when it's wet, somehow my paws stay dry, but Rolydog's paws are all muddy when he comes in the house.
Finn, on patrol - well, looking out the window

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finn and the Scent of Home

Tallsister and Abiman came through the door tonight! They have been gone more than 2 days (remember, counting's not really my strong suit).  I know this because Abicat has been in charge of the house while they were gone.  But the most important part of them coming through the door was I caught the scent of Bestmom and Bestdad!! I investigated their trouser legs and baggage and I'm sure I could smell them ... it made me happy to know my bestpeople had visitors at their faraway kennel.  I can tell it was faraway because there were many other interesting scents to read: I could tell they had spent a long time sitting close to lots of people they didn't know (dogs can tell if people know each other, of course). I even smelled egg salad sandwiches packed for a journey.
Now I'm going to settle into MY kennel, a little sad they're far away,  but happy to have news.

Finn, on patrol